In 2000, Green Chimneys welcomed 3-year-old Spadi. Green Chimneys is a multi-faceted nonprofit organization helping young people to maximize their full potential by providing residential, educational, clinical and recreational services, in a safe and supportive environment that nurtures connections with their families, the community, animals and nature. Spadi was one of two Icelandic horses donated by then First Lady Hillary Clinton. The pair had been a state gift from the children of Iceland to the children of the United States, and the White House chose Green Chimneys as the home for these horses.

As a member of the Green Chimneys Equine Program, Spadi worked with numerous children, both those enrolled in the therapeutic day and residential school, and those enjoying pony rides at Green Chimneys’ many public events. His easy going temperament and reputation as a gentle yet playful horse made him an excellent partner in therapeutic animal-assisted activities and farm education classes. As a lesson horse, Spadi offered valuable opportunities for children to learn and grow in their own skills.

The Green Chimneys Equine Team continually assesses each and every horse to stay current on their fitness, ability to participate in animal-assisted activities, and overall quality of life. After many years of patiently working with the students of Green Chimneys, Spadi is retiring to Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement. With your help, Mitchell Farm will generously provide a scholarship to fully support Spadi’s care in his forever home.

Spadi’s entire life has been devoted to the children of Green Chimneys and Mitchell Farm is a wonderful opportunity to give him the next level of care that an older animal deserves; he will return to the peaceful pasture life that he was born into. Here we will help him find and make equine friends, while getting excellent care from his new human friends, and enable him to remember what it’s like to just be a horse.

​The focus of the 2019 Mitchell Farm Music Festival will be to partially fund the scholarship for Spadi.  Our goal is to raise $14,400 at this year’s event.  That amount will successfully cover the cost f retirement for one horse for two years.  So, please come and enjoy a magical day of music and meet our very special herd and the newest member, Spadi, the little horse with a big heart!

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"A 19-year career is a success by any stretch and when it has served to help children with special needs, it feels even more meaningful."

Jennifer Milillo, Green Chimneys

Spadi: Small Horse, Big Heart

Please Help Support The Safe Retirement Of This Special Little Horse!