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Mitchell Farm is a 501c(3) non-profit  organization, founded in 2004 with a vision – A dignified life for all equines.  Mitchell Farm functions at capacity with full care and ownership of 33 horses, ponies and donkeys. Many more are on the waiting list. These horses come from all areas of the country, all breeds and backgrounds. Either advanced age or injury has caused an end to the useful, athletic lives of these animals; however they are healthy enough to live for many years to come.  Mitchell Farm takes on the responsibility of full care for the balance of their natural lives; we let them be, remember how, and in some cases learn, to just be a horse. 

With so much need in the world, animal welfare organizations often get overlooked.  Horses are too often viewed as nothing more than service animals.  Thus begins the downward spiral in the quality of life for yet another noble creature.

Unwanted horses are stressing already over-burdened rescue organizations. Mitchell Farm plays a critical role in the equine welfare system by providing permanent sanctuary for older or unusable horses, thereby removing them from the rescue stream. This allows rescue organizations to focus on those horses that are sound enough for a second, or even third career.  Mitchell Farm also serves as a model for other organizations, helping to expand and develop further this area of proactive equine welfare.   

Horse care is expensive.  In the last twelve years we have provided permanent sanctuary and quality care for 87 equines for the remainder of their comfortable lives.  The average stay at Mitchell Farm is 5 years.  The longest being 11 years.  The total cost per horse over the average stay is  $50,000.

You, as our supporters are our greatest asset and are in a position to make a difference! Whether you live close enough to volunteer or care enough to send us a donation or both, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your tax-deductible gift to Mitchell Farm will go far in helping us continue providing a dignified life for these deserving horses.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dee Doolittle
Founder~Executive Director