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We would be honored to be considered as the final safe sanctuary for your horse in such a case.  Your horse would be given the next available stall and would not have to wait the full extent of the waiting list. Because this could still take a few months,  we would then board locally, under our personal supervision, until a stall becomes available here at Mitchell Farm.  The expense of this board would be absorbed by Mitchell Farm. 

For Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement to assume ownership we would require that your “Pet Trust” or life insurance policy with MFER as the beneficiary be a minimum of $50,000 per horse.  If your horse is under 20 years old we would ask for an additional $9000 for each year under 20.  Once notified, Mitchell Farm would make logistical and financial arrangements for transport.  We would be happy to review and consider any agreement to these details that your attorney might draw up.

Splash is the cornerstone of Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement.  He was great friend and companion to Founder/Executive Director, Dee Doolittle for 20 years.  Splash was loved by all who knew him, and was known for his sense of humor and sweet temperament. In his prime, Splash was a wonderful pleasure/show horse.  In his middle age, Splash and Dee enjoyed hunter paces and trail riding together.  In retirement, he was lucky enough to spend quiet happy days grazing in big beautiful pastures at Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement.  Splash passed away in February, 2005 at the ripe old age of 30.  He had a great life!

Our equine retirees have earned their retirement and therefore will not ever be ridden again.  Without the pressures of competition or bearing human weight, they are free to remember, or learn, what it means to "just be a horse".  Volunteers groom each horse on a regular basis: minor medical and dietary needs are handled by the staff; dental, hoof care and routine health care or issues are attended to by our veterinarian and farrier.

Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement ~ Where A Horse Can Just Be A Horse

Splash  1975 - 2005

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Retirement sanctuaries fill a critical need by giving safe permanent homes to older and infirm horses thus allowing rescue networks to concentrate on horses who are sound enough to be re-homed.  Equine rescue organizations do their best to relocate and/or retrain neglected, abused or just plain unwanted horses. The job is overwhelming! 

Why is the need so great for equine retirement sanctuaries?

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Plan for your horse's safe retirement in the event of your death with a PET TRUST or LIFE INSURANCE.