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​Six comprehensive 8 week courses Sessions meet once a week for 3 hours Classroom~Practical Training~Guest Speakers Instructor Melissa MacDonald, Equine Mgr, Mitchell Farm
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To the Equus Foundation for your continued generous support. Your grant will be a big help toward our feed budget!  And for choosing Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement as this year's recipient of the Hagyard Helps Horses Program award for  Equus Foundation Messenger members.

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From blankets to bits, saddles to boots, treats to breeches, if it's for the horse or their person, we just might have it.  Also available for sale is an array of Mitchell Farm gear.......hats, totes, t-shirts, glasses, calendars, etc.

New or gently used horse-related items may be donated to Mitchell Farm by appointment (860) 886-6767

Your donations and your purchases are appreciated.

To the Hagyard Pharmacy for the $500 gift certificate for Resolvet Products.  With 25 aged horses, we will make very good use of it!


Checks can be made out to:

MFER, Inc.
Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement
300 East Haddam Road (Rt. 82)
Salem, CT 06420

27 Equimaxx Dewormers
Double ended snaps
2 Horse size halters
2 Pony size halters
15 gal. rubber feed tubs
Home Depot gift certificate
Staples gift certificate
Skilled labor

     (electricians & Plumbers)
Small engine repair

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Considering our geriatric population, we are fortunate to not experience the more common causes of colic such as gas or impaction.  Unfortunately, what we do see is colic from strangulating lipomas.  This accounts for 36% of the need for euthanasia at Mitchell Farm.  The following link is a really great description by Drs. Ashley and Matt Kornatowski  of Twines Pines Equine Veterinary Services in Griswold, CT.​​​

​Equines Aging Gracefully

​here is an interesting link to an article by Eleanor Kellon, VMD from

     Used Blankets, Tack          & Extras For Sale

A Dignified Life For All Equines