Our great thanks to the BRENNAN EQUINE WELFARE FUND of the GREATER CINCINNATI FOUNDATION for a grant, funding in part, the Mitchell Farm 2023 NO HOOF, NO HORSE FUND!


 The hoof is the all-important foundation that the horse stands. Hooves absorb the concussive impact with every step of their 1000 plus lb frame.  Taking good care of the hooves goes a long way to good health and quality of life.


Checks can be made out to:

MFER, Inc.
Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement
300 East Haddam Road (Rt. 82)
Salem, CT 06420

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A Dignified Life For All Equines

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

     The 501(c)(3) nonprofit Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredits, inspects, and awards grants to approved aftercare organizations to retrain, retire, and rehome Thoroughbreds using industry-wide funding.
     Funded initially by seed money from Breeders’ Cup Ltd., The Jockey Club, and Keeneland Association Inc., the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) is supported by owners, trainers, breeders, racetracks, aftercare professionals, and other industry groups.
     Since 2012, the TAA has granted more than $28.1 million to accredited aftercare organizations and 15,500 Thoroughbreds have been retrained, rehomed, or retired by accredited organizations.
     Currently, 81 organizations with approximately 180 facilities hold TAA accreditation.

The Equus Foundation

​     The EQUUS Foundation is the only national animal welfare in the United States 100% dedicated to protecting America's horses and strengthening the bond between horses and people.
     At the core of their mission is safeguarding the comfort and dignity of America's horses throughout their lives and sharing their ability to empower, teach and heal with as many people as possible. They are committed to ensuring that horses involved in any role and in any capacity - as athletes, companions, teachers and healers - are safe, protected, and treated with dignity as partners.

Thank you for your generous support!

Considering our geriatric population, we are fortunate to not experience the more common causes of colic such as gas or impaction.  Unfortunately, what we do see is colic from strangulating lipomas.  This accounts for 36% of the need for euthanasia at Mitchell Farm.  The following link is a really great description by Drs. Ashley and Matt Kornatowski  of Twines Pines Equine Veterinary Services in Griswold, CT.​​​

​Equines Aging Gracefully

​here is an interesting link to an article by Eleanor Kellon, VMD from TrailRiderMag.com

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27 Equimaxx Dewormers
Double ended snaps
2 Horse size halters
2 Pony size halters
15 gal. rubber feed tubs
Home Depot gift certificate
Staples gift certificate
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     (electricians & Plumbers)
Small engine repair