Contact us for submission or information

~  Enter into a signed agreement with Mitchell Farm 

    Retirement Inc. and relinquish all rights and ownership

    to the horse.
~  Remit a one-time admittance fee. For more information

    call Dee at 860-303-8705 or email

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~ Provide a safe, clean and adequate stall, feed, hay & bedding.
~ Provide adequate pasture when weather and conditions permit.
~ Blanket when deemed necessary.
~ Provide for all farrier needs.
~ Provide all routine Veterinary care (vaccinations, deworming, dental).
~ Provide simple emergency care and diagnostics: (lacerations, fever, mild colic, radiographs, blood testing). Life

   threatening injuries and illnesses will be dealt on farm with our local Veterinarian. Off- site surgery and other 

   cost prohibitive procedures will not be an option.
~ Euthanasia will be an option only when, in conjunction with a licensed Veterinarian and within the

   AAEP  guidelines for euthanasia, it has been deemed that the horse no longer has Quality of Life.
~ Burial on these premises at the time of death or euthanasia.

Upon entry horses must: 
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 ~  Be at least 20 years old, pasture sound and in

     reasonably good health.
~   Be accompanied by a Veterinary certificate stating

     that the horse is pasture sound and free from 

     communicable diseases.
~   Have a negative Coggins within one year of 

~  Be current with core vaccinations.
~   Stallions must be gelded at least 30 days prior to 


Upon entry an owner must:

Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement Promises To: