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2019 Connecticut Distinguished Older Horse Award






In celebration of the multitude of outstanding older horses in Connecticut, we are proud and pleased to announce the 2019 Connecticut Older Horse of the Year Contest. 


     February 17th - Nominations open and are submitted below.  Nominations will be posted both on the Mitchell Farm Facebook            page and on our website within 24 hours of nomination being received. 

     April 11th at Midnight - Nominations Close.

     April 12th - Let the voting begin!  Spread the word on social media about your favorite nominee and vote as many times as                 you like for one or more nominees.  Voting will take place here on our website at $1 per vote.  All proceeds from voting                   will go to support the deserving horses retired to  Mitchell Farm.  Vote tallies will be posted on Facebook and our website               daily.

     May 15th - Voting closes at Midnight.

     May 19th - The winner will be announced at the Mitchell Farm Open Barn & Fun Day at Noon.

Nomination Requirements:

     The horse be 20 years or older. 

     It must live or be boarded in Connecticut or nominated by a resident of Connecticut. 

     It can be retired or still in work. 

     Nominations must be submitted with a maximum 200 word essay about your nominee.  Tell us what makes this horse so                      special in your eyes.  Is it accomplishments? Or because he/she likes to play in the mud and make you laugh?

     A $10 nomination fee is also required.  All fees paid will go to support the awesome older horses retired to Mitchell Farm. 

Awards:  Prizes to be announced

     The Winner

     The Runner up 

     Up to 6 honorable mentions 

Your 200 word essay will go here

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voting donation buttons

will be activated for each horse

beginning April 12th

voting donation buttons

will be activated for each horse

beginning April 12th

Voting Opens April 12th @ 12:01 AM

Nominate Your Favorite Distinguished Older Horse!

"Wick"  Nominated by Deborah Butler

Wick (Just Be me) entered our lives in 1993 when he was a green pony.  He is half thoroughbred and half Welsh pony and was always a great mover.  Our daughter, Cynthia, showed him in the Large Pony Hunter division, culminating in winning the CHJA Green Pony division that first year.  He was, and still is, a sweet but flaky pony, shying at leaves and shadows, but always willing to persevere and happy to work.  He taught Cynthia much about riding but even more about life as she took responsibility for his training and care.  He spent most of his life at Fairfield Hunt Club and retired to Mitchell Farm ten years ago.  He is now ecstatically happy letting his coat grow long and rolling in mud after many years of being clipped and blanketed with limited turnout time.  After a lifetime of cribbing, his teeth are worn down, but otherwise you would never know that he is 34 years old.  We are so grateful to Dee and everyone at Mitchell Farm for giving him this joyous retirement after he gave so much of his life to our family and other children who rode him later.

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will be activated for each horse

beginning April 12th

"Kat"  Nominated by Patty Ganey
     Over our years, 26 year-old Equinox Katarina has answered every question with an enthusiastic “YES!”  Together we learned to trail ride, jump, train together in dressage, event, hunted first flight, competed in hunter trials...and that was just with me.  Kat has taught a completely blind 16 year old to jump cross country, given small children their first ride ever, taken a brain tumor survivor through the woods while politely in tune with the rider’s every request, and worked on the ground with 9/11 survivors, grieving widows, and teenagers coping with anxiety and depression.  She is currently teaching a 65 year-old woman to ride — the look on her rider’s face after their first canter together was priceless!  Kat willingly partners to take people through any endeavor presented.  She is a true gem, one of those once in a lifetime horses we all wish we knew.  
       Just last week Kat and I went for our first beach ride ever — she reverted to the sparky 13 year-old horse I brought home 13 years ago, and carried me on a lovely beach gallop on a mild February day.  
       What a gift she has been in my life, and the lives of many others.    

2019 Connecticut Distinguished Older Horse Award Nominees 

"Bart" Nominated by Kelly Lynch

     At almost 31 years young, Bart is the most loyal partner I’ve had for the past 13 years. He is my first horse and has been through it all, from the show ring, to graduations, even moving to Vermont to attend college. Bart is almost totally blind, but that doesn’t stop him from digging through your pockets to find his favorite snack, bananas. He loves to roll, especially in the mud or snow. On crisp, cool days he still gets a twinkle in his eye, will snort, and have a lot of spunk like the horse I grew up learning to ride on.
     Bart has taught countless kids to ride and has brought many to the winner’s circle, where in the Morgan circuit he’s known as “Blue Ribbon Bart”. He has been involved in Soul Friends, a nonprofit organization that provides programs that promote healing through the animal bond for at-risk children impacted by trauma, grief, or social-emotional challenges. He helped the children express themselves in healthy ways through learning how to groom and lead, as well as general horsemanship knowledge. He’s touched the lives of many and I’m so lucky he continues to enjoy his retired life with me.   

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will be activated for each horse

beginning April 12th