The Kick Off  To  "Older Horse Week"

Open Barn & Fun Day at Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement

May 19th   10 am ~ 2 pm

Gov. Malloy Gives Green Light for Annual Connecticut Older Horse Week

SALEM, CT - A proclamation request by Mitchell Farm, an equine retirement facility, was approved by Governor Dannel Malloy in 2018. The approval of Connecticut Older Horse Week initiates an official week of recognition for the retired horses of Connecticut. Older Horse Week will be celebrated annually during the fourth week of May. This year, it falls during May 18th - 24th. The week long observance aims to unify equine retirement programs throughout the state to raise awareness of the need for long-term care of veteran horses. 

 “Of the thousands of horses entering the rescue stream, older and infirm horses are the most vulnerable,” explains Mitchell Farm founder Dee Doolittle. “Enacting ‘Connecticut Older Horse Week’ will hopefully serve to raise awareness to the black hole that they are in danger of falling into.”  Doolittle and the entire Mitchel Farm family of volunteers believe that all horses deserve dignity in their older, less useful years. “Our hope is that raising awareness will inspire others to provide the same for the older horses in their lives.” 

With a life expectancy of 30 years or more, horses often out-live their active roles in farming, sports or entertainment—in some cases, even outliving their loving owners. And unless arrangements are secured for a horse’s retirement, debilitating illnesses or euthanasia are the only outcomes for these gentle animals after years of faithful service.   

That is why during this week long commemoration, we endeavor to spread awareness in showing our older equines the extra appreciation and compassion they deserve.  Connecticut Older Horse Week falls appropriately during the month set aside to recognize the needs and priorities of older Americans.

Kicking off this year’s Older Horse Week will be an Open Barn & Fun Day at Mitchell Farm on Sunday, May 19th from 10 AM to 2 PM. Barn tours will be available, in addition to fun activities for kids, door prizes, an equine tag sale, and refreshments. The daytime event is free and open to the public. 

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Barn Tours

Meet our horses up close and personal

Fun activities for kids

     Hobby Horse Races

     Scavenger Hunt at 11 am

     Story Book Reading  at 1 pm


     Take a selfie with one of our horses or donkeys

Announcement of the 2019 CT Distinguished Older Horse Award

Mitchell Farm Booth

     Items for sale


     Volunteer information & registration

Door Prizes

Equine Tag Sale

     Tack & Togs

     Equipment & Blankets, sheets, etc.

Snacks & Drinks Available

Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement Is Proud To Present  "Connecticut Older Horse Week"

The Fourth Week In May Every Year!